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Youth Minister: We Will Prepare Youth for Local Councils, Parliament and the Presidency
Youth Minister: We Will Prepare Youth for Local Councils, Parliament and the Presidency
After decades of neglect, Egypt endeavors to develop youth centers to empower new generations of Egyptians for a brighter future.
Friday, April 26,2013 19:39

During a panel discussion with young people participating in the National Conference for Youth Thursday in Cairo, Minister of Youth Osama Yassin said: "The Ministry is discussing the Youth Act. The development process carried out by the Ministry is meant to develop more than just facilities or programs – a comprehensive system to fix the malaise of the past 30 years, in measured, balanced steps. The new Ministry of Youth’s framework has been developed through workshops in youth centers across the country.

"The Ministry is developing training programs for young people, to prepare them to run for local elections, including how to go properly navigate the electoral process and manage electoral alliances. We want to put an end to corrupt practices of the dissolved National Democratic Party during elections. Today, young people begin with local elections, in order to qualify for Parliament, the Cabinet, and then the Presidency.

Yassin pointed to the Ministry’s role in addressing the accumulated problems of youth development caused by the previous regime, by developing and revitalization of youth centers in Upper Egypt and the Sinai peninsula during the first phase of the construction plan for the current year, as well as completing development of youth installations and facilities in all provinces, empowering youth politically, economically, socially and culturally.

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