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Egypt Brotherhood Students Raise Five Demands to Improve University, Dormitory Conditions
Egypt Brotherhood Students Raise Five Demands to Improve University, Dormitory Conditions
Following the second case of food-poisoning at a university’s dormitories, Muslim Brotherhood students speak out against corruption and decades old neglect.
Wednesday, May 1,2013 20:23

In a press statement, Muslim Brotherhood students highlighted the urgent need to address, with determination and resolve, all aspects of rampant corruption within the corridors of Egyptian universities and daily abuses, violations and neglect of safety, health and hygiene issues, pertaining to on-campus food and medical service.

Brotherhood Students made five demands for reform:

1. Urgent and speedy removal and investigation of all those responsible for the repeated crimes of neglect, and announcement of the results of investigations into previous events, without delay.

2. Undertaking necessary procedures for the election of a new president of Al-Azhar University as soon as possible.

3. Development or renovation of university dormitories to become suitable for human habitation.

4. Providing high standards of food control and health monitors commensurate with Egypt’s university students.

5. Urgent provision of a robust health-care system, with all the human and material resources necessary to do so, with tighter control.

Muslim Brotherhood students further said, "An opportunity still exists to uproot corruption within the university. Students can barely contain their anger. Continued contempt of students’ lives, complete disregard of their legitimate demands, and failure to take any decisive action against corrupt officials in all aspects of university life, will force students to take steps to escalate action until their reasonable demands are met".


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