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Brotherhood’s Aref: 'Together, We Build Egypt' Achieves 77% of Targeted Community Programs
Brotherhood’s Aref: 'Together, We Build Egypt' Achieves 77% of Targeted Community Programs
Having served Egyptian society for long decades with unique campaign, despite fierce resistance by ruling regimes, the Muslim Brotherhood announces details of successes and achievements of its latest societal support and regeneration campaign.
Wednesday, May 8,2013 16:39

In a post on his personal page on Facebook, Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, announced the achievement of more than 77% of the group’s targeted community program campaign 'Together, We Build Egypt'.

"We started the 'Together, We Build Egypt' campaign on January 25, and as of April 25, it completed more than 77% of the targeted community programs and initiatives.

"The Muslim Brotherhood continues to build and serve the Egyptian people, through the campaign, amid opposition clamor, violence and vandalism."

Dr. Aref revealed the campaign’s achievements in facts and figures, "2614 schools have been renovated; 3908 medical convoys across Egypt provided various health-care services and benefited more than 1.75 million Egyptian citizens. Moreover, the campaign included hundreds of craft and veterinary convoys, 1436 city cleaning and beautification initiatives, planting of thousands of trees, and thousands of cooperative markets.

"The coming months will witness a greater role and a wider plan for the service of civil society, including for example purification of drinking water and connecting more than a dozen cities in each province to the new purified water supply, among many other projects that will be most beneficial to our beloved homeland and the Egyptian people."

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