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Erian on Nakba: Palestinian People Will Not Accept Humiliation; Will Inevitably Triumph
Erian on Nakba: Palestinian People Will Not Accept Humiliation; Will Inevitably Triumph
FJP leading figure Erian assures Palestine is still and will always be in the heart of every Arab and Muslim, and that Palestinians will certainly win back their rights and lands in the end.
Thursday, May 16,2013 23:02

Dr. Essam El-Erian, deputy head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said: "The Palestinian people will inevitably be victorious, and will not accept humiliation or compromise, despite all the pressures, terrorism and all forms of discrimination and racism.

"I salute the steadfast people in all parts of Palestine. I greet you all on the anniversary of persistence in demanding the right of return (to Palestine) rather than compensation. I fully support you, and I pray to God to accept all the martyrs of Palestine in highest Heavens."

For her part, Azza Al-Garf, a member of the FJP’s parliamentary bloc and a member of the Constituent Assembly that drafted Egypt’s Constitution, said: "On the anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe of Palestinians), I pay a special tribute to the land and the people of Palestine everywhere, and to our beloved Jerusalem. I wish you patience, strength and wisdom. Remember: after the storm comes sunshine.

"The cause of Palestine is at the very top of Arab and Muslim priorities, until Palestine is liberated. Always and forever, the land where our beloved Prophet ascended to heaven will remain in our hearts and minds. We will meet there someday, with it and the entire Palestinian soil completely free. I believe this will come to pass soon, God willing."

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