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National Conscience Front: Opposition Must Uphold Homeland Interests, Heed Dialogue Call
National Conscience Front: Opposition Must Uphold Homeland Interests, Heed Dialogue Call
NCF chief Yousry urges Egypt opposition to accept President Morsi’s most recent invitation for national dialogue as the country celebrated the safe release of kidnapped soldiers in the Sinai.
Thursday, May 23,2013 06:33

 Ibrahim Yousry, National Conscience Front (NCF) leader, said: "We deeply appreciate the wisdom of President Morsi, the brave leaders of the Armed Forces and leaders of the Ministry of Interior as well as Sinai’s honorable men in resolving the hostage crisis, where all seven soldiers were released without spilling any blood, and without resorting to violence at all."

Yousry also praised the President's speech earlier on Wednesday, and his comments on securing the release of the kidnapped soldiers, saying: "It was a precise, comprehensive and truthful speech in which the President clarified everything.

"The President, at this moment of victory, invited the opposition, yet again, to serious national dialogue. This is a very good sign that proves that the President extends his hand to everyone, including a hostile obstinate opposition that persistently refuses to uphold the interests of the country. The President invited opposition parties to a broad dialogue to help all focus on solving Egypt’s problems and challenges."
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