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Muslim Brotherhood: Political Conflict Turns to Blackmail; Works Against Egypt Interests
Muslim Brotherhood: Political Conflict Turns to Blackmail; Works Against Egypt Interests
Spokesman Mehrez denounces the continued campaign by hostile media against Egypt’s Brotherhood, as opposition blackmails the government at times of crisis.
Friday, May 24,2013 17:02

 Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, denounced the political conflict in Egypt, which turned into a kind of extortion, as facts were turned upside-down in crises that could consume the country, in addition to falsely forcing the name of the Muslim Brotherhood into all crises.

Mehrez pointed to the systematic mutilation practiced against the Muslim Brotherhood and the persistent attempts to distort any achievements by the State.

Mehrez also criticized certain political forces that refused the President Morsi’s invitation to urgent dialogue during the kidnapped soldiers’ crisis in Sinai, demanding that political forces review their discourses as they lose credibility.

Mehrez further denounced the blatant and inexcusable double-standards practiced by some hostile media, citing the case of a soldier who was killed a few days ago when his car was set on fire in downtown Cairo as a result of a fire-bomb attack by demonstrators but hate-media ignored the whole incident.
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