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Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions
Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions
Egypt’s Parliament will discuss proposed judicial law amendments after judge’s recommendations are received on Saturday.
Saturday, May 25,2013 14:47

In a press statement, Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Shura Council (SC) Speaker, said: "We are not going to discuss the law of judicial authority in detail on Saturday. The proposal will simply be debated in principle. If approved, the matter will be forwarded to the SC Legislative Committee. The law will then be discussed after proposed drafts are submitted by judicial authorities, like the Justice Conference and others.

"According to Judges Club heads in governorates across Egypt, a draft law has been prepared by Judge Hossam Ghariani, to which all agree. There is no reason why this cannot be the main draft to be discussed by the SC, while other drafts can be taken as complementary proposals for improvements."

The SC Speaker further said: "We are keen not to export crises. I’m trying to calm tensions as much as I possibility can, despite the insistence of some lawmakers to discuss and issue the law without waiting for any proposals. I believe that preventing crises is more important than achieving certain benefits."

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