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Youth Minister Yassin Leads Development Campaign as Revolution Touches Egypt Youth Centers
Youth Minister Yassin Leads Development Campaign as Revolution Touches Egypt Youth Centers
Youth Minister personally visits dozens of youth centers across Egypt to oversee timely development and effective work carried out by his Ministry.
Saturday, May 25,2013 16:02

Dr. Osama Yassin, Minister of State for Youth Affairs (FJP), led a campaign for full development of youth centers across Egypt, as it kicked off Thursday, determined these centers would become just what young people dreamed they would  be before the revolution.

Since taking over leadership of the Ministry of Youth, Yassin promised youth centers and all institutions affiliated to the Ministry would be sufficiently equipped to the high standards befitting Egypt’s youth. Now, he boldly started to carry out what he promised.

"Work to overhaul youth centers in all provinces across the country is to be completed by the end of June 2013, according to the Ministry's plan, in order for those centers to be ready for next summer's festival.

"The summer festival will see a range of competitions in individual and group sports games, innovation, scout teams and voluntary initiatives. First-place winners will be given valuable prizes."



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