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Families of 15 Egyptians Detained in UAE Press for Freedom for Relatives
Families of 15 Egyptians Detained in UAE Press for Freedom for Relatives
While UAE authorities continue to hold Egyptians in an unprecedented state of legal limbo, detainees’ families take more forceful legal action demanding their immediate release.
Thursday, May 30,2013 13:24

 An alliance of relatives of Egyptian detainees in the UAE announced the official start of its work Wednesday, urging all families that suffer similar problems in Emirates to join their efforts. It also announced that it will not back down this time, stressing that it will go out and meet with everyone, anywhere, to reaffirm the fairness of its cause.

Months ago, the families of the 15 Egyptians jailed in the UAE began steps to secure the release of their relatives (detained in late 2012), as UAE authorities refused to put them to fair trials, keeping them instead in an unlawful situation.

In a statement, the families’ alliance added, "We will not rest until everyone knows that we will accept no compromise. Over the past months, we have witnessed tremendous suffering, in the UAE, for no legal reason whatsoever.

"We affirm our support for all the lost rights of Egyptians detained in the UAE. We will pursue all peaceful legal and diplomatic means to get justice, until UAE authorities hear our voice and realize the right of Egypt and the Egyptians in the UAE.

"The sons, daughters, wives and relatives of Egyptian detainees in the UAE went back to meeting officials and organizing events to highlight their tragedy – despite humiliation and attacks they had to endure. They vow not to ever despair. In fact, they are very hopeful that their efforts will be crowned with success, with the help of all honorable citizens, in the release of their relatives in the UAE and the relief of anguish of every innocent Egyptian who lived through a similar ordeal."
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