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Muslim Brotherhood Militias a Lie Circulated before Violent Opposition Demonstrations
Muslim Brotherhood Militias a Lie Circulated before Violent Opposition Demonstrations
As is ‘traditional’ now before deliberately violent protests, Egypt opposition launches hostile campaigns claiming the Brotherhood is training special militias for action.
Thursday, June 6,2013 17:08

In a statement, Dr. Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, rejected as false claims published in an Egyptian newspaper about the training of so-called Muslim Brotherhood militias.

Mehrez added, "These reports are part of the endless rumor campaign that aims to vilify and tarnish the image of the Muslim Brotherhood. This has just turned a very dangerous corner, as it insults sovereign ministries that faithfully and devotedly serve the interests of the homeland.

"Rumors being circulated about the existence of Muslim Brotherhood militias are signs of what may happen in the coming days, with Egyptian citizens feeling that ‘opposition’ violence is inevitable. This is an old method used to stir up public opinion before any activities carried out by the opposition which invariably end up in violence, bloodshed, Molotov cocktails, arson and savagery."

The Brotherhood spokesman added, "How can they claim the Brotherhood has special militias, when its peaceful members fall martyrs killed by opposition thugs and criminals, with no violent response from the group to-date?

"Where are the Brotherhood’s so-called militias, when its headquarters are attacked, ransacked and torched down, with no violent response from the group to-date? These absurd claims are nothing but baseless lies and allegations that are criminally exploited in the worst possible ways by some print and broadcast media."

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