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Minister of Culture: We Support Cultural Revolution, All Arts and Creativity
Minister of Culture: We Support Cultural Revolution, All Arts and Creativity
Egypt’s new Culture Minister rejects intellectual terrorism and moral assassination; and supports a cultural revolution that provides all forms of art and creativity.
Friday, June 7,2013 17:42

Dr. Alaa Abdel-Aziz, Egypt’s new Minister of Culture, vowed to continue his push to reform the Ministry of Culture, so it truly belongs to all Egyptians, not to a group of individuals who impose a complete monopoly on culture and knowledge.

The Minister of Culture affirms that attempts by certain individuals to undermine or sabotage administrative and legal action will not succeed.

"I will surely side with social justice and a cultural revolution that faces up to the obvious problems of wasting public funds, monopoly of culture jobs and the failure to provide a distinct cultural service to the Egyptian people for many years."

Dr. Alaa Abdel-Aziz further said that some of those affected by his recent reform decisions, who were never heard in the days of the ousted regime, realize that their narrow interests may well be threatened, although the interests of the homeland and the rights of creative artists who had been marginalized or totally ignored for long years must remain the priority.

The Minister pointed that he seeks to establish 
– in all sectors of culture – a real continuum of generations that Egypt will always be proud of; and will not allow any limits to be imposed on any art or creativity, so all Egyptians would realize the tremendous creative talents and great intellectuals their homeland boasts.

Furthermore, Dr. Abdel-Aziz said that some of those who belong to the cultural elite, whether they use or abuse the right to peaceful protest, should know that they are involved in time-wasting subversive maneuvers whereas they should support Egyptian culture and the arts, instead of blocking every attempt of cultural progress.

In conclusion, the Culture Minister reaffirmed that he will stay in touch with everyone, without exception, and will be as ever ready for an extended discussion about the present and the future of culture and to provide support for all culture’s creators and artists, away from any intellectual terrorism or moral assassination that may challenge the demands of the cultural revolution that he will insist on adopting and nurturing.

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