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Erian Calls for Strong Diplomatic Message to Secure Release of Egyptian Detainees in UAE
Erian Calls for Strong Diplomatic Message to Secure Release of Egyptian Detainees in UAE
While Egypt appreciates previous honorable UAE stances, FJP leader Erian believes better communications are needed to effect the release of Egyptians detained in the UAE, without delay.
Monday, June 17,2013 20:34

Dr. Essam El-Erian, the majority leader at Shura Council (Egypt’s Upper House), said Monday that, "Egypt will not beg or plead. Egypt does not forget Sheikh Zayed’s honorable actions and stances; but it should send a powerful diplomatic message to the Emirates to push for release of Egyptian detainees there".

During a meeting of the Arab Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee at the Shura Council that discussed the issue of Egyptians detained in the UAE, Erian said that the actions of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry always stop at sending messages only, explaining that there is negligence on the part of competent authorities in communicating and collaborating with other relevant bodies, stressing that the Egyptian embassy and the Foreign Ministry can effect the release the detainees.

"Some ruling families in certain Gulf states fear collapse of their regimes. They imagine there will be a revolution on June 30; and therefore they keep delaying the release of Egyptian detainees.

"Egypt will not turn back after the popular revolution against tyranny and oppression. In fact, Egypt has already been through many events - like those now promoted - on August 24 last year and the events of Itehadia Presidential Palace, but nothing happened then. They should understand Egyptian citizens and know their abilities."


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