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Arson, Violent Attacks on FJP HQs and Public Figures in Some Egypt Governorates Reprehensible
Arson, Violent Attacks on FJP HQs and Public Figures in Some Egypt Governorates Reprehensible
Egyptian people fended off an unprecedented wave of violent attacks on public and private property and state institutions in various provinces of Egypt.
Wednesday, June 19,2013 19:51

On Tuesday June 18, a number of governorates across Egypt witnessed an unprecedented wave of criminal and violent acts of thuggery, savagery and sabotage by known criminals, thugs and members of the Rebel movement – which claims it pursues a peaceful approach – hours after the new governor-reshuffle which included former army generals, independent public figures as well as members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic movements.

On Tuesday evening, in the city of Mahalla, Gharbiya Governorate, a group of thugs attacked and burned the Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh Saad Al-Husseini’s car, while another group of thugs tried to break into his home. Security forces arrived on the scene and scattered attackers .

In the city of Tanta (capital of Gharbiya Governorate, north of Cairo), local residents confronted a number of Rebel movement members and remnants of Mubarak-era National Democratic Party (NDP) as well as some supporters of the Popular Current who tried to break into Tanta University Hospital building, again on Tuesday evening.

A mob of criminals and thugs also gathered in Tanta’s main street, then stormed and burned the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters where a hundred Brothers were injured.

Members of the Rebel movement and militias of NDP holdovers fired live bullets at supporters of the new governor in Tanta who were rallying peacefully in his support, right under the eyes of the security forces, which did not move a finger to apprehend the armed criminals.

Meanwhile, dozens of thugs attacked a public rally organized by the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria to commemorate the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, in ​​Sidi Bishr district, which resulted in three serious injuries among Muslim Brotherhood members.

Thugs also attacked and ransacked the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters in Meit Salseil, in Dakahlia Governorate, led by Rebel campaign coordinator Mahmoud Fairouz. They tore the FJP banner off the HQ building, smashing glass and shouting offensive slogans and obscene oaths at FJP and Muslim Brotherhood members.

FJP members then filed a police report of the incident, accusing Mahmoud Fairouz, Ahmed Gamal Abdel-Wahab, Sharif Alsayed Rashid, Walid Mansour and Mahmoud Gabr of bringing the mob of thugs to attack the FJP headquarters.


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