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Families of Egyptian Detainees in UAE: Trials Reprehensible after Months of Torture, Humiliation
Families of Egyptian Detainees in UAE: Trials Reprehensible after Months of Torture, Humiliation
Referring Egyptian detainees in UAE to trial without allowing defense teams access to their clients and without proper investigations is completely unacceptable to the detainees and their families.
Friday, June 21,2013 06:19

 A number of relatives of the Egyptians detained in the Emirates rejected trials for their loved ones without fair investigations amid leaked news of repression, torture and harassment against their relatives in UAE prisons.

Mariam Gaafar, daughter of detained journalist Ahmed Gaafar, said: "The referral for trial came right after Egypt’s Upper House (Shura Council) session which discussed and criticized the UAE position which clearly violates human rights, while we demanded full and unconditional release of our loved ones.

"They are referred to trial now simply to spite Egypt and its people and to put pressure on them. We will not accept and will not keep quiet regarding this absurd situation."

Ahmed Sonbol, the son of one of the detainees, said: "Up until now, we have not received any information about these trials officially. All we hear is through internet websites and newspapers. Whatever the case, freedom for honorable Egyptians is our demand. We will not accept anything less.

"Those who manipulate and violate human rights must understand that this oppression and torture will end as it has always done, as history of nations and peoples evidently shows."

Dr. Hoda Abdel-Ghani, the wife of one of the detainees, said: "Investigations were not fair, taking place under duress – torture and humiliation. Therefore, we cannot accept the trials, because they are bound to be just as unfair, especially after what we have seen with our own eyes of humiliation, harassment and violation of rights over long months. This alone is sufficient evidence that those will be ‘special’ repressive trials that flout the most basic human rights."

For its part, the alliance of Egyptians detained in the UAE stressed that UAE authorities must apologize for what they did and they are still doing against the Egyptian detainees.
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