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FJP, Muslim Brotherhood Leaders: Shiites Murder Reprehensible, Cannot Be Justified in Any Religion
FJP, Muslim Brotherhood Leaders: Shiites Murder Reprehensible, Cannot Be Justified in Any Religion
Senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the FJP, condemn the murder of four Egyptian citizens in Giza province as totally unjustifiable.
Monday, June 24,2013 21:28

Dr. Murad Ali, media spokesman for the Freedom and Justice Party, said: "Acts of murder and torture of some Shiites in Giza cannot be approved or accepted by any religion or law. Islam does not accept violation of the sanctity of individuals regardless of their religion or affiliation.

"The spread of calls to violence is a harbinger of danger to our homeland. Everyone must beware of spreading the culture of anarchy and slipping into an infernal cycle of violence. Rule of law is the basis of civilizations."

Separately, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, said: "No-one should be killed unjustly. Blood is most sacred in Islam. No-one should shed citizens’ blood no matter what mistake they’ve done.

"We have a system and a law that must hold accountable all criminals and stirrers of sedition. They should not be killed outside the framework of the law.

"The perpetrators of the Giza murders are not Islamists, who know well the sanctity of Muslim blood. Scholars and students of Islamic theology fully realize the sanctity of blood and the inadmissibility of taking the life of a Muslim under any pretext."

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