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FJP: We Will Face Military Coup; Will Not Collaborate with Power Usurpers
FJP: We Will Face Military Coup; Will Not Collaborate with Power Usurpers
A corrupt and brutal police state and an exceedingly repressive regime is in the making in Egypt as hundreds of thousands of peaceful pro-democracy protesters are attacked viciously with hatred and vengeance all over the country.
Thursday, July 4,2013 19:44

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) expressed complete rejection of the military coup by Egypt’s Minister of Defense who promptly suspended the country’s Constitution, deposed the elected President, and gave authority to issue constitutional decrees to an unelected leadership sworn-in under the protection of tanks and armored vehicles.

In a statement posted on the FJP’s official Facebook page today, the party announced that it will stand with all resolve and determination against the military coup, and will not collaborate with the country’s current power-usurping administration, and will continue to work for the return of constitutional and democratic legitimacy with all parties opposed to the coup.

The FJP demanded that all popular movements and political parties make their positions clear and unequivocal, either with the free will of the people or with a full-blown military coup d’état against Egyptian popular will.

The statement further mentioned that the FJP will continue to take part, along with the people, in all peaceful events and activities that protest the coup, against the repressive practices that already reared their heads perilously, against the systematic murders already started by the security forces against peaceful demonstrators, against the shuttering of sources of information, and against the closure of outlets of expression and the confiscation of freedom of opinion, which began with the arrest of FJP Chairman Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni , and with a hunt for hundreds of symbols and leaders of the FJP.

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