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Brotherhood Leader Gazzar and 82 Morsi Supporters Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh
Brotherhood Leader Gazzar and 82 Morsi Supporters Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh
The vengeful campaign of arbitrary arrests and detentions against all pro-democracy citizens rages on, with hundreds of innocent people thrown in dark dungeons just like in the darkest days of Mubarak rule.
Saturday, July 6,2013 22:54

From Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square’s main stage, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Vice-Chairman, announced the arrest of Dr. Helmi Al-Gazzar, FJP Secretary in Giza and a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, Dr. Salah Al-Fiqi, head of the administrative office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kafr El-Sheikh, affirmed that 82 Brotherhood members were arrested during clashes that erupted in Kafr El-Sheikh at the start of a march to support the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, and to denounce the military coup.

Al-Fiqi held the police responsible for the safety of those arrested, after reports of brutal beatings and abuse.

Al-Fiqi further said that more than 90 Muslim Brotherhood members were injured in the incident, including Abdullah Mosbah, a leading member of the FJP and deputy head of Kafr El-Sheikh city, who was wounded in the head and required 28 stitches, and was kept in a Kafr El-Sheikh hospital.

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