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Tunisia: Ennahdha Statement on early-morning putschist massacres against protesters in Egypt
Tunisia: Ennahdha Statement on early-morning putschist massacres against protesters in Egypt
Ennahdha Statement on massacres committed by putschists against protesters in Egypt this morning
Monday, July 8,2013 14:24

Tunis, 8 July 2013

Early this morning, Monday 8 July 2013, putschist forces committed a massacre against peaceful protesters supporting the legitimate President Mohamed Morsy as they engaged in their dawn prayers. Victims of the massacre exceed 50 martyrs and hundreds of injuries.

Ennahdha Party:

- Prays for the souls of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defence of the legitimacy expressing the will of Egyptians.

- Condemns this heinous crime committed by Egyptian security services against unarmed civilians.

- Stresses that the determination of putschists to abrogate the democratic legitimacy embodied in President Mohamed Morsy will only drive putschists to further isolation and confrontation with the entire Egyptian people.

- Calls on all Egyptian national forces to reject the coup and support the pro-democratic legitimacy front and to opt for the method of dialogue and prevention of bloodshed.

- Calls on all freedom-loving people around the world to stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people in its defence of legitimacy and democracy.

Rached Ghannouchi
Ennahdha Party

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