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Legal and Rights Experts: Over 1000 Still Detained after Republican Guard Massacre
Legal and Rights Experts: Over 1000 Still Detained after Republican Guard Massacre
Coup commanders in Egypt continue to detain, without charge, over a thousand citizens of all political colors, interrogating them in police stations and detention centers across the country.
Tuesday, July 9,2013 21:14

Ali Kamal, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Legal Committee, said that 14 police stations in Cairo witnessed Tuesday interrogation of 650 citizens, supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, arbitrarily detained after being arrested in the wake of the Republican Guard dawn massacre.

"The continued detention of these citizens is a flagrant violation of the freedom of opinion and expression."

Other legal sources said that over 1000 pro-Morsi protesters were arrested in the streets surrounding the scene of the massacre outside the Republican Guard headquarters. Those were divided into 8 groups of about 150 detainees each, and that 650 detainees have been interrogated, with some 500 cases of forced disappearance reported.

After the arrests, the 'Observers for Protecting the Revolution' coalition said, "We are now in a police state trying to gag people’s mouths and arrest peaceful demonstrators, amid a state of indifference from the media and human rights organizations in Egypt. This is a decisive blow to rights and freedoms in postrevolution Egypt."


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