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FJP, Brotherhood Leaders: Legitimacy Demonstrations Embrace All Citizens; Reject Violence
FJP, Brotherhood Leaders: Legitimacy Demonstrations Embrace All Citizens; Reject Violence
Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the FJP, affirm that people of all political colors positively participate in pro-Morsi, pro-democracy peaceful protests and mass rallies.
Tuesday, July 9,2013 21:35

Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said: "Demonstrations by supporters of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi are certainly peaceful. Egyptian women, children and whole families - Muslims and Copts, as well as leaders and members from all currents and colors of the political spectrum – join our marches, sit-ins and rallies.

"Those demonstrations demand reinstatement of the legitimate President Morsi and complete rejection of the military coup and all attempts to drag us back to an already bygone dark era of arrests, repression and tyranny by pouncing on and subverting the January 25 Revolution."

Dr. Aref added, "Ours is a just cause, behind the legitimate president, who is the subject of forced disappearance."

Meanwhile, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, said that any decision contrary to the Constitution which people voted for is null and void, pointing that the FJP will continue to demand reinstatement of the elected President Morsi.

"We will play no part in any negotiations before power is restored to the legitimate President and the military coup is ended."

Furthermore, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, a member of the FJP’s Executive Bureau, said: "The President's supporters will continue their sit-ins and rallies, protesting the military coup, while remaining peaceful, responding to no provocations that attempt to drag them into clashes.

"Everyone knows that the ongoing killings now have nothing to do with Islamists – who are committed to peacefulness – and that in fact it is the security services that have been and still are managing the networks of thuggery in Egypt, and still use thugs to kill demonstrators every day."


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