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Ashri: 103 Killed in Republican Guard Massacre, Including 8 Women and 4 Children
Ashri: 103 Killed in Republican Guard Massacre, Including 8 Women and 4 Children
The death toll from the dawn bloodbath outside Egypt’s presidential guard headquarters on July 8 rises to 103 dead, with more than two thousand injured.
Thursday, July 11,2013 00:04

Mukhtar Ashri, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Legal Committee, said Amnesty International and all human rights organizations condemned the killing of peaceful demonstrators in front of the Republican Guard Officers’ Club.

During a conference organized by the 'Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions' Thursday in Nasr City, Ashri affirmed that the number of massacre martyrs reached 103, asserting that those included 8 women and 4 children.

Ashri pointed that the illegitimate interim government is trying hard to hide that women and children were amongst the dead.

He added that the number of injured was 2011, while the number of detainees was 652, who have been taken to 14 police stations across the capital Cairo, and that at least 25 of them were tortured in the ugliest ways in Shubra police department alone.

Ashri further said that some of the injured declined to give statements to the public prosecutor, because he is regarded as party to the dispute.


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