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Al-Azhar Brotherhood Students: Three Students Arrested on Campus
Al-Azhar Brotherhood Students: Three Students Arrested on Campus
Dragging Egypt very rapidly into a new era of repression and persecution of epic proportion, coup-emboldened security agencies invade universities and arrest Brotherhood students.
Friday, July 12,2013 08:41

 Ahmed Al-Baqri, vice-president of the Egyptian Student Union (ESU) and president of Azhar Student Union, said that State Security forces, which reassembled after the brutal military coup, arrested on campus 3 Muslim Brotherhood students at Al-Azhar University Thursday.

Al-Baqri added, "In the era of the Islamists, Egypt had the first free and fair Student Union elections and a real student charter that met the student demands. By contrast, right from the outset, the era of the putschists, Azhar Student Union supervisor was killed in the Republican Guard dawn massacre, Dr. Yasser Taha, Professor of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, and 12 students of Al-Azhar University also died that day. Moreover, dozens of other students from various universities were injured.

Even worse, they are being described as ‘terrorists’.
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