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Bishr and Darrag Meet Ashton to Discuss Demands of ‘Alliance in Support of Legitimacy’
Bishr and Darrag Meet Ashton to Discuss Demands of ‘Alliance in Support of Legitimacy’
Ministers of the legitimate elected President Morsi’s government meet EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Cairo Wednesday.
Wednesday, July 17,2013 20:54

The National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy (NASEL) said that Dr. Amr Darrag and Mohamed Bishr, ministers from President Morsi’s Cabinet, met with Catherine Ashton, the High Commissioner for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, to discuss NASEL’s objectives.

According to Gehad Al-Haddad, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, Darrag and Bishr told Ashton that NASEL demands a full return to constitutional legality – including reinstatement of the President, the Constitution and the Shura Council, as a prerequisite before any meetings, dialogue or national reconciliation.

In a statement, Haddad urged the European Union to explicitly condemn the military coup, and denounce the stances of countries that recognized the coup or helped and supported the military coup against democracy and the Constitution.

Haddad stressed the need for the European Union to condemn all coup crimes and violations of human rights, such as brutal killings and arbitrary arrests and detention.


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