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Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Condemns Minister of Interior Statement
Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Condemns Minister of Interior Statement
The broad alliance of parties, groups and movements facing up against Egypt’s bloody military coup rejects the so-called transitional government’s statement Friday evening.
Saturday, July 20,2013 14:41

 CAIRO – Press Release: The ‘Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance’ condemns statements made by the minister of interior Mr Mohamed Ibrahim to CBC - the private satellite TV channel - tonight (Friday July 19), where he explicitly threatened peaceful protesters demonstrating outside Cairo’s Media Production City.

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance holds the minister responsible for the safety of protesters and for protecting them from any possible assault.

The Alliance will not accept the return of Mubarak's repressive measures. The Egyptian people have regained their freedom. Putschists will not be able to confiscate it ever again.

The Alliance calls on our brothers in the Armed Forces not to attack peaceful protesters, since they are members of the Egyptian public themselves, and should not obey orders to kill their fellow countrymen.
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