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FJP: Khaled Saeed Murderers Now Kill Women; Killed Copts in ‘Two Saints’ Church
FJP: Khaled Saeed Murderers Now Kill Women; Killed Copts in ‘Two Saints’ Church
Freedom and Justice Party affirms that the murderers of Khaled Saeed are the same security operatives who killed Christians in ‘Two Saints’ Church in Alexandria, in 2011, and now kill women in peaceful anti-coup demonstrations.
Sunday, July 21,2013 08:45

In a post on his Facebook page, Murad Ali, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s media adviser, said: "It has now become clear without any ambiguity that the dirty hands that killed the Copts in the Two Saints church, and killed Khaled Saeed and Sayed Bilal, are the same ones who killed worshipers praying outside the Republican Guard compound and women protesting peacefully in anti-coup demonstrations Friday (19 July) in Mansoura.

"I call on all free, patriotic citizens who love Egypt and hate injustice, anyone who dreamed of a state of justice and refuses to see Egypt return to the era of oppression and corruption... I hope they all will stand in the face of the heinous military coup, which killed worshipers at dawn as they knelt down in prayers, and now kill women in cold blood."

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