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Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls for Nationwide Protests Friday
Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls for Nationwide Protests Friday
The Egyptian people's cause is that of all free and honorable people around the world. It is an affirmation of the right of all people to choose who governs their affairs, and refuses military coups.
Thursday, August 1,2013 16:07

 And so the Anti-Coup Prodemocracy Alliance calls on all free people in all countries of the world to demonstrate peacefully in the million-man march under the banner of "Egypt Against the Coup" this coming Friday August 2nd, Ramadan 24, in solidarity with the Egyptian people whom are urged to gather in all Egyptian streets and squares, in all provinces, cities and villages.

The Alliance also announces the locations from which demonstrations will begin after Friday prayers in the greater Cairo area.  They are as follows:
1.           Khazendar Mosque, Shubra
2.           Suhaib Al-Roumi Mosque, Al-Sharabiyya
3.           Al-Taqwa Mosque, Shubra Al-Kheima ('Orabi Bridge)
4.           Al-Quds Mosque, Al-Marj, Ain Shams St
5.           Nour Al-Muhammadi Mosque, Al-Matariyya Sq
6.           Al-Aziz Billah Mosque, Al-Zaytoun
7.           Al-Salam Mosque, Al-Hayy Al-'Ashir, Nasr City
8.           Al-Alf Maskan Mosque, Alf Maskan
9.           Al-Fath Mosque, Al-Khalafawi
10.       Al-Hamd Mosque, 5th District
11.       Al-Mahdi Mosque, Salam City, Al-Arbaeen St
12.       Al-Maraghi Mosque, Helwan
13.       Al-Rayyan Mosque, Maadi
14.       Abou Bakr Al-Saddeeq Mosque, Dar Al-Salam
15.       Amr Ibn Al-'Aas Mosque, Old Cairo
16.       Al-Rahman Al-Raheem Mosque, Salah Salem St
17.       Al-Nour Mosque, Al-Abbasiyya
18.       Al-Fath Mosque, Ramsees
19.       Al-Gala' Mosque, Ramsees
20.       Al-Tawheed Mosque, Ghamra
21.       Abou Gamous Mosque, Old Cairo
22.       Al-Istiqama Mosque, Al-Giza Square
23.       Asad Ibn Al-Furat Mosque, Doqqi
24.       Khatam Al-Mursaleen Mosque, Al-Amraniyya
25.       Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Mosque, Al-Kitkat
26.       Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, Al-Mohandiseen
27.       Al-Maghfira Mosque, Al-Mohanidseen
28.       Al-Sabah Mosque, Al-Haram St
29.       Mashari Mosque, Al-Haram St
30.       Al-Rahma Mosque, Al-Haram
31.       Al-Tawheed Mosque, Intersection of Al-Areesh St and Faisal St
32.       Al-Husari Mosque, 6th October
33.       Ragheb Mosque, 6th October
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