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African Union Delegation Visits Rabaa Sit-in Following Visit to President Morsy
African Union Delegation Visits Rabaa Sit-in Following Visit to President Morsy
African Union Delegation Visits Rabaa Al-'Adawiyya Following Visit to President Morsy.
Friday, August 2,2013 05:27

(Cairo, August 2, 2013)-Former Malian President and head of the African Union delegation to Egypt described President Morsy as the "Nelson Mandela of Egypt", stating that the AU has not altered its position of rejection of the coup.

During its visit to the Rabaa Al-'Adawiyya sit-in, the delegation confirmed that it visited Dr. Morsy for two hours.  They said it was a good visit, and stated their intention to visit him again, to which President Morsy replied "You are welcome at any time."

The leader of the delegation stated they had met many people in Egypt, and were invited to visit the sit-in, and "it was not appropriate except to attend, and it was necessary to attend."  The leader affirmed that this was a first meeting, that they would return once more,  and that they would prepare a report for the AU and the African Peace and Security Council.

Regarding the nature of the delegation's work, Konare said they were in Egypt on a fact-finding mission, and that they were sympathetic to the victims, martyrs and injured who fell in the last massacres.  He affirmed his awareness of the peaceful nature of the Muslim Brotherhood's work, saying "We know the Brotherhood's history very well."  He pointed out that he saw numerous marches and the Rabaa sit-in which was peaceful.

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