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Statement: Friday of Rage
Statement: Friday of Rage
(Cairo, Friday, August 16)- Despite our deep pain and sorrow following the August 14 Rabaa massacre and others committed since the bloody coup, the crimes of the coup regime have only increased our steadfastness and firmness in rejecting it and determination to remove it.
Friday, August 16,2013 11:38

 The struggle to overthrow this illegitimate regime is an obligation, an Islamic, national, moral, and human obligation which we will not steer away from until justice and freedom prevail, and until repression is conquered.

Our revolution is peaceful, and we will continue to mobilize people to take to the streets without resorting to violence and without vandalism. Violence is not our approach. Vandalism only aims at distorting the image of our peaceful revolt and finding justifications for the coup leaders to continue to govern. 

We call on the great Egyptian people to gather in all revolutionary squares on the Friday of Rage.
The starting points for the protests in Greater Cairo are the following mosques:

1.     Suhaib alroumy - Sharabeya
2.     Altaqwa- Shubralkheima
3.     ALQuds- Almarg, Ain Shams st.
4.     Nour alMohamadeya- Matareyya sq.
5.     AlAziz Billah- Zaytoun
6.     AlSalam- 10th district Nasr City
7.       AlFath Alkhalafawy
8.       AlHamd- 5TH District
9.       AlMahdy- Madeenal al Salam, Al-Arba’een st.
10.   AlMaraghy- Helwan
11.   AlRayan-Maadi
12.   AbuBakr Alseddik- Darulsalam
13.   Amro Ibn El ‘As- Old Cairo
14.   AlNour- Abbaseya
15.   AlFath- Ramsis
16.   AlTawhid- Ghamra
17.   Alistiqama- Giza square
18.   Asad Ibn El Forat- Dokki
19.   Khatem alMorsaleen- AlOmraneya
20.   Khaled ibn al Walid- Kitkat
21.   Mostafa Mahmoud- Mohandeseen
22.   AlMaghfera- Mohandeseen
23.   Alsabah- Haram st.
24.   Mashary- Haram
25.   AlRahma- Haram
26.   AlTawhid- Alarish st. intersection with Faisal st.
27.   AlHusary- 6 October
28.   Ragheb- 6 October

Afterwards, all marches will meet at the nearest intersection, and will all head to Ramsis square. Meanwhile, million-man marches will be held in all other Egyptian governorates. 
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