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FJP Reiterates Denunciation of Attacks on Copts, Churches and Property
FJP Reiterates Denunciation of Attacks on Copts, Churches and Property
Once again, Dr. Murad Ali, FJP spokesperson, condemns attacks against Copts, churches and property, and warns that putschists are desperately trying to ignite sectarian strife.
Friday, August 16,2013 17:22

Dr. Murad Ali, Media Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, posted the following message on his Facebook page…

Currently, there are false Twitter and Facebook accounts in the name of the Freedom and Justice Party publishing justifications for the burning of churches.

These are attempts to ignite sectarian divisions to distract everyone from the real issue. Our stance is clear, we have announced it, and we reiterate:

“Based on the true nature of our religion, and pursuant to our party’s indivisible principles, we strongly condemn any attack, even verbal, against Copts, their churches or their property.

Although some Coptic leaders may have supported (or even participated) in the July 3 coup, for one reason or another, no such attacks can be justifiable.

Our Revolution is non-violent. We will continue to mobilize and mass in the streets without violence and without destruction or sabotage.

Violence is not our policy. Ongoing acts of vandalism are aimed to damage our reputation, demonize our peaceful Revolution and find justification for the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators to continue their acts of repression and violence.”

The FJP strongly condemns all attempts to ignite sectarian strife in Egypt.


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