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Video: Coptic Priest Says Police Did Not Protect Churches from Violence Despite Plea
Video: Coptic Priest Says Police Did Not Protect Churches from Violence Despite Plea
In Minya governorate, Egypt, the Coptic bishop of a church torched by thugs Thursday says security forces withdrew, refusing to do their duty to protect the church just before the attack.
Friday, August 16,2013 19:40

In a  video (Preview) , a Coptic bishop complains that the government and police refused to do their duty and guard the churches or even help put out the fire which could have easily been contained.

He also says the attacks were orchestrated, happened all at the same time, using the same methods, and were carried out in parallel with the Rabaa massacre. 

The Anti-Coup National Alliance condemns, and will never condone any acts of violence, especially against houses of worship, citizens or property.

Although some Coptic leaders supported or even participated in the coup, no such attacks can be justifiable.

We also strongly condemn police treachery in leaving thugs to vandalize people’s property and houses of worship while focusing on killing protesters in all governorates.

We reject attempts by the tyrannical putschist regime to orchestrate and fuel inter-religious discord and strife in a bid to cover up its ongoing criminal acts against citizens. 



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