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Global demonstrations in solidarity with Egypt’s pro-democracy movement
Global demonstrations in solidarity with Egypt’s pro-democracy movement
A series of world-wide demonstrations will be held on Friday 30th August in solidarity with the heroic Egyptian people. Activists and campaigners will converge on major cities in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia simultaneously with their counterparts in Egypt against the military voice and the attempted silencing of all opposition.
Friday, August 30,2013 16:19
Pro-Democracy Network

 In Los Angeles, organizers will replicate a Rabaa Al Awdawiya Square sit-in for three days to honor the memory of the victims of the Adawiya massacre. Demonstrations will be held in many European capitals from Dublin to Stockholm. Major demonstration will be held in Tunis, the birthplace of the Arab spring as well as in many other Arab capitals. 


Since the military suppression of the pro-legitmacy protesters two weeks ago in Cairo, Rabaa Al Adawiya Square has become an international icon of freedom, justice and dignity. There is universal consensus that the atrocity perpetrated in Egypt earlier this month was no less brutal and bloody than the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. The massacres committed by the Egyptian police and army resulted in the death of over 4000 protesters, including women and children. 

The Pro-Democracy Network affirms its absolute support for the Egyptian people in their just cause to defend their right to freedom and stand up to the attempted aborting of democracy in Egypt, for the sake of current and future generations of Egyptians. 

We strongly deplore the ongoing witch hunt led by the Egyptian army against all who voice any opposition to its absolute rule, including political parties, movements, journalists, human rights activists and even celebrities and sports figures who have spoken out against the military coup.

None of these brutal and bloody acts will weaken the resolve of the Egyptian people and their supporters worldwide to achieve freedom and protect their democracy from the return of tyranny and despotism.  

The Pro-Democracy Network urges all freedom loving people to join the global demonstrations. We call for increased international pressure from governments and non-governmental agencies on Egypt’s coup leaders to ensure the reinstatement of the country’s legitimate civilian authorities and the resumption of the democratic transition.
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