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MB Statements
Brotherhood Statement to Coup Commanders, Collaborators: Wake Up Before It Is Too Late
Brotherhood Statement to Coup Commanders, Collaborators: Wake Up Before It Is Too Late
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns the putschists’ repressive practices and urges them to apologize to the Egyptian people, leave politics to politicians and go back to their sacred mission of protecting the country’s borders.
Sunday, September 15,2013 05:14

 People saw and heard of the cold-blooded mass killings of thousands of Egyptians, the attacks, assaults and arrests of thousands of honorable men, women and youth of this country – scholars, professionals, symbols of intellectual, scientific and political life in Egypt.

As wisdom disappeared, the military-installed figurehead regime’s recklessness and foolishness took over, as it insisted on hearing nothing but its own voice and seeing nothing except its own whims and desires.
In fact, the puppet regime is forcing the whole nation to see only its own side of things and submit to the petulance and unreasonableness of some of its men.
Thus the voice of reason also disappeared. The logic of oppression and the sound of thuggery prevailed throughout the country, which witnessed the worst assassination of popular will.
Sadly, some of this country’s police and army forces committed the most horrendous massacres in history, assisted by hired thugs and other criminals, amid demented calls for revenge, exclusion, demonization and confrontation that history will record and one day pause to carefully contemplate.
Indeed, the regime installed by the coup and sheer force has painted criminals as victims and victims as criminals. It also tasked its judicial apparatus, both military and civilian, with the mission to condemn victims and exonerate criminals, in full and clear violation of the simplest rules of justice, which is an essential ingredient of stability of nations.
Ironically, the puppet president of the military-appointed government, who once resigned from Dr. Essam Sharaf’s cabinet because the army had killed some people in Maspero (Egyptian state TV compound) now finds justifiable the brutal killing of thousands of peaceful protesters, citing what America did in the Second World War and in Vietnam.
Now in our beloved homeland, all Egyptians’ human rights are trampled, all state institutions are deployed to liquidate all those belonging to the Islamic trend or those defending human dignity and the freedom of the homeland.
Thus the national security apparatus have been reduced to the status and mission of a "militia" serving the coup commanders and collaborators, tasked with terrorizing opponents and dissidents.
Even the puppet regime’s Interior Minister had the audacity to announce that he is in contact with a master thug convicted in several cases of violent thuggery and is serving his sentence in one of that same minister’s prisons.
Further, state institutions, with all their resources, have become the tools of the coup commanders’ circle. Thuggery and hired outlaws have become the coup leaders’ favorite weapons in its battle against legitimacy, which is supposed to be peaceful constitutional and legal.
Anyone who opposes this chaotic confusing destruction of the entire concept of the State and its essential institutions is now deemed a dissident who must be disposed of. This lead to unprecedented popular rejection of the military-appointed regime.
This, and much more deplorable aspects of the coup’s failure, is destroying the foundations of the state, and a criminal return to the era of the tribe and the clan that have long since been bypassed by the civilized world. It also is a dangerous landslide that may well lead to the dismantling of the state in its entirety, God forbid.
Despite all the above evils of the coup, servants of the putschists still refuse to hear – let alone respond to – advice, having been blinded by vanity and power. They forgot that injustice and falsehood are short-lived, and that the people have divorced fear forever.
They forgot that the popular Revolution’s strength lies in its nonviolence, which is a measure of its awareness and maturity, not of weakness or indecision. Before that, they certainly forgot the words of God “Think not that God is unaware of what the wicked do. He only gives them a respite…” (Quran – 14:42).
The greatest fear of all those keen on this nation’s interests is for this homeland to sink into utter destruction of the social fabric and structure that have characterized it throughout history, until honest and honorable citizens lose all hope and confidence in wresting their rights and achieving security through the state’s institutions, crushed and corrupted by the brutal coup, so they resort to regaining their rights illegally, causing even more chaos and destruction, God forbid.
This is why we raise our voices and call the marchers on the path of destruction: Where are you headed? Wake up, before it is too late. Look at yourselves and save this country that has given you so much.
Come back and apologize to your people for the major disasters you caused. Give the people back their free will and choice. Let the armed forces return to their barracks and their sacred mission of guarding the nation and protecting its borders. Don’t you think you will be resurrected for a great Day of Judgment before the Lord of the Worlds?
The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: September 14, 2013
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