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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egypt Putschists Extending State of Emergency
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egypt Putschists Extending State of Emergency
The Brotherhood condemns the state of emergency imposed in Egypt and the extension announced by the military-installed puppet regime as constrains on citizens’ freedom.
Monday, September 16,2013 21:15

Egyptians erupted in the blessed January 25 (2011) Revolution to eliminate many evils, most notable of which the state of emergency imposed on Egyptians for thirty years. Yet again, here the putschists impose upon us even most heinous and loathsome emergency rule, to assure any doubters that the military coup’s figurehead government is working to restore to power ousted president Mubarak and his cronies, to completely undermine the principles and objectives of the January 25 Revolution, and to crush all the people’s hopes and aspirations for a free life in a constitutional civic democracy.

Those who resort to imposing a state of emergency are tyrants who rule over their own people with merciless repression, regard them as enemies, and endeavor to turn them into slaves with no sovereignty, no will, freedom or dignity.

Under the state of emergency, those despots always rely on oppression, injustice, corruption and fraud.

The state of emergency is imposed only in three cases: a crisis of war, epidemic or civil strife. It is not clear just which of these prompted the putschists to sign the extension decree. Do they hold that the relationship between the coup and the people is one of plain-down-right war?

Or do they regard the daily mass demonstrations continuing in all provinces and cities of Egypt a case of civil strife? Evidently, these are peaceful demonstrations sanctioned by the Constitution and all international human rights conventions.

The state of emergency is an exceptional measure that confiscates freedoms and rights of the people and suspends normal laws – things that power-grabbers and thieves of freedoms dread, since they cannot work except in the dark, well outside the law and popular will.

Those who extended the state of emergency are not in the least concerned with the people's interests. The economic situation was very badly damaged after only one month of emergency rule. Now, they are extending it for another two – never mind the interests of the homeland and the people, so long as they remain in power, a heavy load on the shoulders of the people.

The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its complete rejection of the state of emergency, the traitorous military coup and the dictatorial police state installed in Egypt. The Brotherhood further reaffirms its commitment to constitutional legitimacy and respect for the people’s will, sovereignty and right to self-determination, and their right to live in normal conditions to help them work, build, produce and progress, and eliminate corruption and the corrupt.

The putschists and their collaborators know that everything they did, from the bloody massacres, the burning of human beings, to extending the state of emergency, will not dissuade the Egyptian people from continuing their peaceful Revolution to regain their freedom, dignity and will.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo : September 15, 2013

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