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Anti-Coup Alliance Accepts Any 'Unbiased' Dialogue with Full Commitment to Legitimacy
Anti-Coup Alliance Accepts Any 'Unbiased' Dialogue with Full Commitment to Legitimacy
While Egypt’s Anti-Coup, pro-democracy national coalition leader Mohamed Bishr welcomes all serious calls to objective reconciliation talks, he reiterates the Alliance’s commitment to full constitutional legitimacy.
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Monday, October 14,2013 14:08

Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, former Minister of Local Development and leading member of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, affirmed that the Alliance welcomes any initiatives or calls for unbiased national dialogue – with no preconditions.

He pointed that the Alliance’s hands are extended to all for the good of the nation, stipulating only a return to constitutional legitimacy, which is the Egyptian people’s choice, and which will allow the completion of the democratic process on a sound footing.

Dr. Bishr expressed surprise at repeated remarks made by Dr. Ahmed Kamal Abul-Magd in various media outlets about his attempts at mediation. Bishr further pointed that the conditions announced by Dr. Abul-Magd (recognition of the so-called "current revolutionary government authorities" and halting media escalation against coup policies) were never mentioned nor discussed at all during the meeting with him.

Dr. Bishr added that, to start with, those conditions are not acceptable at all as the basis for or beginning of a genuine dialogue leading to positive results.

Dr. Bishr further added: "Acceptance of these conditions would constitute a bias for one of the parties against the other, and is a clear recognition of the coup, which is totally unacceptable.

"Dr. Abul-Magd did not allow us time to respond to his initiative. In fact, he asked for time himself to get the other party’s opinion regarding this dialogue. Then, he came out afterwards announcing that he will not contact the other party – which he described as the party in charge, who has legal and constitutional authority – until the Alliance declares its response to the initiative!"

Dr. Bishr said, "Where is the other party’s response to Dr. Abul-Magd’s mediation? Why had that party’s opinion not been taken regarding the initiative being made?

Dr. Bishr explained that what was published, attributed to Dr. Abul-Magd, indicates that the other party refuses all initiatives and mediations, and sets conditions that confirm rejection of dialogue. Dr. Bishr reaffirmed that the Alliance is still committed to its declared position and cannot override the will of the Egyptian people.

Dr. Bishr further pointed that Dr. Abul-Magd himself stated in his recent remarks that the correct description of his efforts is 'a quest to end the state of escalation in which we live today, and a quest to find consensus on the necessary steps to end the crisis'.

In response to a question about the Alliance’s views regarding this mediation effort, Dr. Bishr said that the mediator’s bias for one party undermines the initiative for reconciliation through multiple meetings among the parties concerned.

Dr. Bishr then praised and thanked Dr. Abul-Magd for his efforts ​​to find a political solution to resolve the current impasse in Egypt.

In conclusion, Dr. Bishr reiterated the Alliance’s acceptance of any dialogue that aims to achieve the homeland’s higher interests and stability, in order to be able to meet the challenges facing national security in the context of community cohesion and preserving state institutions.


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