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Egypt Student Movement Continues Peaceful Revolution Against Coup
Egypt Student Movement Continues Peaceful Revolution Against Coup
Student movement holds a series of nonviolent demonstrations across Egypt, notwithstanding the military-installed government’s murderous repression.
Monday, October 28,2013 08:33

 The student movement in Egypt continued its activity in support of the peaceful Revolution in all universities across the nation, to reject the military coup and demand the release of students and members of the teaching staff amid savage attacks by mobs of outlaws and elements of the security police.

In the east of Cairo, anti-coup student marches congregated outside the administrative headquarters of Al-Azhar University, Nasr City, denouncing coup forces’ repressive practices, and raising Rabaa Al-Adaweya (four-finger) signs as symbols of persistence and steadfastness. They demanded the release of detained colleagues and the removal of Al-Azhar head, the university president and the vice president.

The University of Al-Azhar’s Faculty of Pharmacy student union held a peaceful protest rally in front of the faculty building to demand the release of eight fellow detainees from the junta’s prisons. They chanted slogans about lost freedoms and the oppression unleashed by the State Security apparatus.

In the west of Cairo, Ain Shams University students denounced the continued detention of their fellow students, the storming of the campus, and the brutal dispersal of peaceful demonstrations, stressing their strong rejection of the continuing military rule, the junta’s interference in university affairs, and the State Security’s renewed surveillance, arbitrary arrest and harassment of students based on their political background.

Students defied authorities with slogans expressing their determination to oust the murderous military junta, demanding the release of their fellow students from detention, and vowing to remain steadfast in pursuit of their goals, of freedom and democracy.

In Qena (Upper Egypt), Quos city students turned out in a rally to denounce military rule and demand the return to constitutional and electoral legitimacy. The march set out from the street outside Quos Secondary School, and was joined by students from neighboring schools, ending up in a rally outside the city’s Education Directorate.

Students participating in the Quos rally chanted for the legitimate President Morsi, describing Interior Ministry security forces as thugs and mad dogs.

Meanwhile, in Suez, 'Students Against The Coup' held a rally in front of the Institute of Computer Studies in Hawd Al-Dars to condemn the traitorous coup, the ferocious campaign of arrests against students, and the brutal muzzling of mouths.

'Students Against The Coup' also staged a peaceful protest at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Shebin El-Koum (Menoufia Governorate) as part of the ‘Persistence’ week of protest events, to denounce the arrest of their fellow students and massacres committed by the junta in Egypt.

Still in Menoufia, Sadat University students held a mass rally outside the Faculty of Education, under the banner: "Loyalty to the Detainees."

In Sharqiya Governorate, a number of thugs who had gathered since Sunday morning, wielding a variety of bladed weapons and sticks inside Zagazig University, kidnapped the president of the Faculty of Technology and Development student union and three faculty students, and detained them in the university presidency building.

The 'Students Against The Coup' in Zagazig University held a number of anti-coup protest events Sunday that began in the morning with several rallies, demonstrations and human chains in front of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science.

Protesters raised Rabaa Al-Adaweya signs of defiance and banners that read: "Freedom for the Honorable", "Down with all Sisi traitors who betray the homeland", "We will not forget our martyrs", and "We will not surrender".

Notably, the student movement in Egypt includes several student groups and submovements, like 'Students Against the Coup', 'Afareet (Ghosts) Against the Coup', 'Free Women Against the Coup', and 'Female Students Against the Coup'. All these organize daily peaceful anti-coup protest events and activities in Egypt despite the putschist regime’s ruthless repression against them, as many students are arrested, humiliated and beaten.
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