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Brotherhood Spokesman Aref's Wife: No Compromise on Respect for Popular Will
Brotherhood Spokesman Aref's Wife: No Compromise on Respect for Popular Will
Iman Safan affirms that respecting the will of the people and constitutional and democratic legitimacy is the only way forward, the only way to regain and safeguard freedom.
Tuesday, October 29,2013 21:10

Iman Safan, the wife of Dr. Ahmed Aref (official spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was arrested by military coup authorities), said that the only way to achieve real renaissance and progress for the homeland is to respect the will of the people seeking freedom.

On her personal Facebook page, Iman Safan said: "We will not let down millions of Egyptians who voted in democratic elections, and we will continue the journey until the coup is defeated and freedom regained."

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