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Independent Judiciary Front Coordinator in Itehadia Trial Bombshell Revelations
Independent Judiciary Front Coordinator in Itehadia Trial Bombshell Revelations
Cairo – November 4, 2013: An Itehadia Presidential Palace incident 'insider' lawyer says the judiciary sentenced 5 thugs for violence in the clashes, now prosecutor excluded them from case, while also eliminating 9 Muslim Brotherhood members killed in the clashes from the list of victims, in order to better frame President Morsi for the incident.
Tuesday, November 5,2013 16:09

 Amr Aliyyedin, lawyer and coordinator for the Independent Judiciary Front Against The Coup, revealed astounding facts about the Itehadia Presidential Palace (2012) incident trial. The revelations could change the course of the whole trial, and would bring in the real culprits.

Aliyyedin affirmed that he is one of the eyewitnesses to the incident, and the only lawyer who accompanied the police unit responsible for securing the Itehadia Palace gate to the Heliopolis Police Station where a formal report was filed against some thugs who were arrested on that day by that police unit, in the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Moataz Al-Nimr, the officer in charge of securing Gate 3 of Itehadia Presidential Palace.

Aliyyedin further said that a group of thugs were arrested outside the gate, as they acted in a suspicious manner. As police approached the thugs, they pulled out shotguns, but Al-Nimr promptly apprehended them. They were searched on the spot.

They had 2 shotguns, 4 birdshot cartridges and a switchblade.

The thugs were turned over to the Heliopolis Police Station. Their names are: Sayyid Hassan Ali Al-Banna, Mohamed Gamal Zakaria, Tamer Sabri Mohamed and Hazem Sayyid Ismail.

A formal report was filed at the time, and sent to the prosecutor's office with the suspects, where the incident was investigated. The thugs were taken to the criminal court which sentenced them to prison.

Aliyyedin added that, “The Public Prosecutor's office looked into the Itehadia Palace incident and closed the file. After the coup, this was reopened, without reports like these filed on the same day. Moreover, 9 martyrs who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood were also excluded from the case altogether, even though medical reports clearly document the place and cause of death, and hospital records confirm the same. The Public Prosecutor's office hid this information so the Muslim Brotherhood, and particularly President Mohamed Morsi, would be accused in the trial, contrary to the truth.

This is a link to a video of the lawyer Amr Aliyyedin speaking of the incident on a satellite TV channel: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXduGlMVcHE
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