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Democracy On Trial: Tyrants Walk Free Whilst Democratically Elected President is Tried
Democracy On Trial: Tyrants Walk Free Whilst Democratically Elected President is Tried
The International Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance released press statement condemning the trial of the kidnapped legitimate President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, calling for his immediate release and to hold accountable real culprits in the horrific massacres committed in Egypt at the hands of the July 3rd coup commanders
Tuesday, November 5,2013 21:16

IACPDA believes that Morsi’s trial is a politically motivated case which is symptomatic of a catalogue of human rights abuses committed by Egyptian authorities since the military takeover on 3rd July. It is sad to note that whilst a democratically-elected president is undergoing a show trial along with thousands of other Egyptians, corrupt dictators responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent civilians are allowed to walk free.

Morsi and thousands like him are being subjected to sham trials with trumped up charges and a corrupt judiciary presiding over their case. Today’s trial merely exposes the deep state that never went away, with the same judge that dropped the case against Ahmed Shafiq presiding over Morsi’s case.

Amidst the media frenzy surrounding the trial, the real victims and their families have been completely forgotten. IMFA, Itehadia Martyrs Families Association, issued a statement yesterday calling for an immediate investigation into the events and for the real murderers to be held accountable.

IACPDA reiterates the call of the European Union and demands that all political prisoners, including President Mohammed Morsi are released immediately.

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