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President Morsi Rejects Second Prosecution Investigation; No Compromise on Legitimacy
President Morsi Rejects Second Prosecution Investigation; No Compromise on Legitimacy
First, there was the farcical investigation into a charge against President Morsi for allegedly inciting supporters to kill demonstrators outside his Itehadia Palace; now a ludicrous investigation into an implausible charge of escaping a prison where he had been detained for a couple of weeks.
Sunday, November 10,2013 23:12

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the legitimate President of Egypt, refused Saturday to recognize or cooperate with the first investigation by the Egyptian prosecutor in Burg Al-Arab prison – where he is being illegally detained – on false and clearly politicized charges of escaping from the Wadi Natrun prison at the beginning of the January 25 (2011) Revolution.

President Morsi affirmed that the whole process was unconstitutional, in fact a vindictive assault on the Constitution and the law, refusing to sign the records of the one-hour long interrogation session.

Overall, this is the second attempted investigation. The first was into the Itehadia Presidential Palace clashes.

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