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President Morsi: Only Constitutional Legitimacy Will Restore Egypt Stability, Democracy
President Morsi: Only Constitutional Legitimacy Will Restore Egypt Stability, Democracy
President Mohamed Morsi’s lawyers read out a statement he made to Egyptians from detention, his first message to the nation since he was kidnapped by July 3 military coup commanders.
Wednesday, November 13,2013 21:01

On Tuesday, November 12, President Mohamed Morsi issued the following statement to the Great Egyptian People and the whole nation from Borg Al-Arab Prison (west of Cairo) where he is being kept Captive:

Dear Egyptian people,

This is the first opportunity I have found to update you on what has happened since June 30, and until today.

What happened is indeed a full-fledged military coup. In order to achieve stability in our homeland and reconciliation among its people, all honorable Egyptians must stand up firm, realizing that this coup is a crime, an act of treason.

It is a crime for violating laws on organizing and moving the armed forces, and treason for betraying the oath the Defense Minister swore, and treason against the Constitution and the people of Egypt.

It also is a betrayal of the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces and the Egyptian army, which plunged the military into the fiery wranglings and intriguing complexities of politics, and a betrayal of the nation, that caused discord and disharmony among the people, even within the same family.

Egypt will only recover and progress when this coup is reversed, all its processes and actions are eliminated, and those who spilled the precious blood of Egyptian citizens in all streets and squares throughout this homeland are brought to fair and prompt trial. No-one can grant an amnesty to officials who shed Egyptians’ blood. Only fair retribution will heal the hearts of the thousands of families who lost their loved ones, men and women.

The great Egyptian people should know that I was kidnapped since July 2, 2013 and forcibly kept captive in the Republican Guard building until July 5 when I was transferred forcibly (again) to a naval base. There, I was held with my aides for four whole months during which I saw no-one but Ms. Catherine Ashton and a delegation from the African Union, as well as four investigators. I refused to answer any question by those investigators, since all the actions taken against me violate the Constitution I swore an oath to respect and uphold. An oath I cannot breach.

Apart from the above, I saw lawyers at the Police Academy headquarters on November 4, 2013. I'd like to affirm in particular that I did not meet any of the leaders of the armed forces or representatives of the media, and that anything attributed to me in this regard is totally unfounded.

I would like to take this opportunity to pay solemn tribute to the great people of this homeland who rose in revolt against the coup since it began, and still do every day in every street and square across the nation, with unprecedented steadfastness and resolve, witnessed by the whole world, yet denied by those who wretchedly deny the hard truth.

I assure our heroes who remain steadfast in their stance against the coup that I derive more strength from their will, their strength and more determination from their resolve, so I remain steadfast, true to the pledge I made to them before I was elected, to uphold the interests of our homeland above and beyond any other interests.

I say to the great Egyptian people who have been asking for my personal rights: my rights are worth nothing compared to the rights of the homeland. So, close ranks and rally for the lost rights of the homeland, not individuals – whatever their positions.

I further assure the great Egyptian people and all the peoples of the world that this persistence is in fact a strong message that the era of coups has passed. This coup has already begun to collapse. And, God willing, it will be toppled completely by the Egyptian people’s peaceful fight for their rights and freedoms.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to solemnly salute all martyrs and victims of ongoing attacks and clashes throughout the country since the coup. I extend my hands in support and solidarity for their grieving families and children. I assure all beyond doubt that their precious blood will restore the pride and dignity of this homeland.

- President Mohamed Morsi.

At the end of his lawyers’ visit, President Morsi reiterated his commitment to constitutional legitimacy. The meeting ended with a consensus on this position regarding the coup and all the processes that followed, including the so-called criminal trial and its procedures.


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