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Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Leaders Bishr and Darrag Meet European Union Envoy
Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Leaders Bishr and Darrag Meet European Union Envoy
Anti-Coup Alliance leaders Mohamed Bishr and Amr Darrag reiterate commitment to full constitutional and electoral legitimacy and rejection of foreign solutions.
Wednesday, November 13,2013 23:48

Former Ministers Mohamed Ali Bishr and Amr Darrag met Monday Bernardino Leon, the European Union envoy to the Middle East, in a hotel in Cairo at the request of the European envoy, in his one-day visit to Egypt, during his tour of the region.

Dr. Amr Darrag, leading member of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance and former Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, said that Lyon told them he is keen to hear all views and developments in the political arena, and that he had met a number of officials to listen to all opinions.

The European envoy also told them that the meeting is part of regular talks and discussions with all actors in the region.

Dr. Darrag affirmed that the National Alliance reiterated what it stressed on a number of occasions before, that "Egypt’s current situation is an internal affair – hence, no external interference is desirable at the moment," and that all parties in Egypt do not want outside interference.

The former minister pointed that this is the same message they told Ms. Catherine Ashton, Commissioner for External Relations of the European Union, in her recent visit to Egypt.

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