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Pro-Democracy Coalition: Lifting State of Emergency Mere Formality as Repression Continues
Pro-Democracy Coalition: Lifting State of Emergency Mere Formality as Repression Continues
Anti-Coup National Alliance leading member Darrag deplores ‘cosmetic’ lifting of the state of emergency imposed since August 14, 2013 by coup authorities, pointing that arbitrary arrests of students and other peaceful protesters go on unabated.
Thursday, November 14,2013 07:31

 Egypt’s Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, which supports President Mohamed Morsi as the legitimate democratically-elected leader, said that lifting the state of emergency is nothing but a mere formality that did not change anything in the reality of ongoing oppression.

Earlier on Wednesday, the putschists’ military-appointed Council of Ministers announced that the state of emergency ended by a court decision issued Wednesday ruling that both the state of emergency and the curfew expire on Thursday, November 14. The government added that it will wait for the court to issue the ruling in writing, in order to apply it.

Dr. Amr Darrag, leading member of the National Alliance and former Minister of International Cooperation, said that ending the state of emergency is something that should be evaluated based on its effects on the ground. He did not show much optimism, though, since authorities have shown no real signs of reducing repressive practices at all.

In a statement, Dr. Darrag said: "Before talking about the implementation of any rulings, we can see students are still being attacked, assaulted and arrested in Mansoura University, simply because they are supporters of constitutional legitimacy. Also, arrests by coup forces had started even before the state of emergency was imposed.

"Such a coup-face-saving formality is of no consequence since it has no positive impact on legitimacy and democracy that have been suspended fully in Egypt since July 3."

For that matter, Dr. Darrag could not rule out an impact of Western statements demanding an end to the state of emergency, especially after remarks made by Ms. Catherine Ashton, High Commissioner for External Relations and Security Policy in the European Union, making the same demand recently.

The former minister pointed that the putschist government has thus side-stepped a risky referendum on the state of emergency after exceeding the three-month period specified for it in the coup’s Constitutional Declaration, especially since no referendum on extending the state of emergency was likely to be approved by a popular vote.

The military-installed government imposed the state of emergency and a night curfew on August 14 after the murderous breaking up of the two anti-coup peaceful sit-ins organized by supporters of President Mohamed Morsi in Rabaa and Nahda squares.

Originally, the putschists imposed the state of emergency and the curfew for a month. But, later, on September 12, they extended that period for another two months, according to the Constitutional Declaration issued by the interim president Adli Mansour on July 6, 2013.
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