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Fact-Finding Committee Reveals Military, Police Violations in Mohamed Mahmoud St Clashes
Fact-Finding Committee Reveals Military, Police Violations in Mohamed Mahmoud St Clashes
A report issued by the panel tasked with investigating the November 19, 2011 deadly clashes condemns military and police forces for using excessive violence to quell peaceful protesters.
Sunday, November 24,2013 06:25

 The Fact-Finding Committee investigating the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes issued a report that affirms security forces attacked peaceful protesters at Tahrir Square without warning. On November 19th, 2011, they used brutal force against the injured and families of the martyrs of the January 25th Revolution.

The report also shows that the majority of injuries were in the eyes or chest area. This confirms that security forces deliberately aimed at the upper body parts of the protesters. Those forces were also aided by paratroopers who used excessive force with the intent to kill.

The report further shows that on the second day of those events, the clashes between the two parties intensified, during which the paratroopers used excessive force to disperse the Tahrir Square sit-in.

Moreover, the report confirms that security forces deliberately attacked the field hospitals, doctors, paramedics and a nearby hospital called Ebad Al-Rahman. The Committee advised against the use of CS gas, which is the main component of the gas canisters used by the police to disperse the protesters, as it can be lethal.
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