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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls 'Martyrs Mother' Million-Man March Friday
Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls 'Martyrs Mother' Million-Man March Friday
Escalating non-violent activities, Egypt’s broad coalition defending democracy calls on masses of protesters to rally in huge Friday, Saturday and Sunday demonstrations in all liberty squares across the nation.
Saturday, December 7,2013 08:46

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance hails the people’s Revolution as it goes through its most important stages in our dear homeland with increasing revolutionary yet peaceful action, tremendous interaction with wide swathes of society whose anger is rightfully growing, and majestic millions protesting the repression and savagery of the fascist junta in all squares, universities, villages and hamlets, in the face of the reckless putschists. We assure all that we are on our way to resolving the current crisis completely. The murderous coup commanders will be executed on the gallows and the murderers of all martyrs since January 25, 2011 will pay prompt and fair retribution.

The National Alliance salutes the free patriotic men and women of Egypt for their continued development and rejuvenation of the Revolution on the ground, their stunning steadfastness in the face of the repressive mad military machine. We say it loud and clear to all deluded players who continue to do their worst - determined to commit suicide and waste time seeking after a mirage with a dark and worthless document: the Revolution will decide; the revolutionaries will win; you will not enjoy your illegitimate brutal coup, and you will never get away with your reckless decrees and careless decisions. They are all null and void, an exercise in futility destined for the dustbins of history.

The student movement’s majestic persistent peaceful action, the courageous escalation by workers across Egypt, the revitalization of defiance endeavors by revolutionary citizens in all squares and streets, and the outbreak of overriding anger among the poor and low-income workers in the face of the racketeering wolves, the extortionists and the savage thugs… all these assure that the Revolution is the true will of the people who definitely want to get rid of the killers and the remnants of ousted Mubarak’s regime, whatever the sacrifices. Now, the time has come to break the brute force with complete peaceful protest activities, great creativity and escalating action, to eliminate falsehood and its people.

To all free and patriotic men and women of Egypt:

Persist in your peaceful struggle to make life, create glory and exact retribution, in a massive majestic million-man march on Friday, at the end of the "Women are the Soul of the Revolution" protest week. Let this be called The Martyr’s Mother Friday – a tribute to the resilience of Egyptian women in the face of the savage and cowardly coup, to fulfill the call of the martyrs’ mothers to exact retribution on all murderers and criminals.

Get ready for a new revolutionary week under the title "The Revolution Decides", in which you guide and lead your Revolution in all squares, streets, universities and everywhere for a great new leap forward in our rightful non-violent struggle.

To all free and patriotic men and women of Egypt:

On Saturday, December 7, continue your Revolution and show your wrath in order to reclaim freedom for the persevering women of Alexandria. Show your solidarity and support for the struggle of the loyal workers of Egypt in a huge "Workers are the Strong Arm of the Revolution" million-man march on Sunday.

Complete the march with courage and selfless devotion. You are truly the free patriotic revolutionaries. Let us rattle the coup everywhere. The Revolution is not a daydream. The Revolution is the decision-maker, the real arbitrator on the ground. It is the martyrs’ last will and testament.

Raise the flags of Egypt high. Raise the Rabaa defiance slogan high. Chant loud and clear: Allahu Akbar (God is Great). Be prepared for the serious work this homeland urgently requires.

The Revolution will continue until retribution is exacted fairly.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Thursday, December 5, 2013

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