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Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls for Continued Non-Violent Anti-Coup Escalation
Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls for Continued Non-Violent Anti-Coup Escalation
The pro-Morsi coalition raises the slogan Triumph for Mandela's Principles as a tribute to the icon of steadfastness and resilience in the face of tyranny.
Sunday, December 8,2013 14:42

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls upon all free patriotic Egyptians to continue the revolutionary escalation in "The Revolution Decides" protest week to defend the right to freedom for Alexandria’s honorable women Saturday, and in a massive rally in solidarity with the great struggle of Egypt’s workers Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Alliance will raise the slogan "Triumph for Mandela's Principles" throughout this week in tribute to the icon of steadfastness and dignity Nelson Mandela, noting that the legitimate President of Egypt Dr. Mohamed Morsi, currently held captive by the junta, as well as supporters of legitimacy and all movements and groups who reject the heinous, murderous coup in Egypt are following in Mandela’s footsteps.

In fact, if Mandela was in Egypt, the heinous putschists now mourning him would have killed him in cold blood for his ‘subversive’ ideas and ‘corrupting’ principles.

The National Alliance denounces the hypocrisy of the coup commanders and collaborators who pretend to grieve for the freedom-fighter Mandela, who lived to defend the values ​​of freedom, although the putschists have been violating all those values since their July 3 coup.

The patriotic people of Egypt will crush the coup and regain their freedom and Revolution. The Alliance appreciates the thundering millions of peaceful protesters that heeded the call of the Martyr’s Mother in an imposing majestic million-man march that broke the junta’s repression and persecution and trampled on their reckless decrees and decisions and – with completely non-violent activities – unmasked the junta’s illusions of dispersing protesters.

The Alliance affirms that the continued waves of arrests and violence against the revolutionary protest events reveal the putschists’ confusion and desperation as they approach an ominous fate.

The Revolution will continue until retribution is exacted fairly.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Friday, December 6, 2013

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