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PRESS RELEASE: the Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fabricated Charges against President Morsi
PRESS RELEASE: the Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fabricated Charges against President Morsi
The illegal Military Regime in Egypt which deposed the democratically elected President Morsi in July 2013 has become more brazen in its attempts to silence the legal opposition permanently.
Thursday, December 19,2013 07:35

 In a new bid to discredit President Morsi and the senior leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, prosecutors have alleged trumped-up charges of ‘espionage’ against the accused charging them with “associating" with Hamas, IRGC and Lebanese Hezbollah while they were in the Presidential Office. The people who are being transferred to the criminal court and who could be facing the death penalty are: President Mohammed Morsi, Essam EL-Haddad - Presidential Advisor for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rifaat El-Tahtawi - The Presidential Chief of Staff, Asaad Shiekha - The Presidential Vice chief of Staff, Ahmed Abdel-Atti - Director of the President’s Office, Saad El-Katatni - Speaker of the People's Assembly & Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, Essam El-Erian - Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dr Muhammad Badie - General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El- Shater - Deputy General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saad al-Husseini - Governor of Kafr Al-Sheikh, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat - Member of the Guidance Bureau and 26 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members. 

Despite calls by the European Union and the African Union as well as many other countries for the release of President Morsi and his co-accused, the Military have chosen to further violate human rights by continuing to illegally hold these men as political prisoners. 

A spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood in London asserted that "In a new episode of the military coup’s crimes against the Egyptian people, the junta’s judges continue to fabricate risible allegations against the democratically elected president and a number of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, in a desperate attempt to legitimise their illegal coup. It is not hidden to anyone that they are the real criminals who must be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity which they wish to legitimise through an illegitimate constitution."

The Muslim Brotherhood urges all governments and human rights organisations both internationally and locally to demand the immediate release of President Morsi and all political prisoners and to call for an end to the military coup which continues to erode the human rights of the Egyptian people daily.
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