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Osama Morsi: Coup Authorities Vicious Campaigns of Demonizing Lies Target President's Wife
Osama Morsi: Coup Authorities Vicious Campaigns of Demonizing Lies Target President's Wife
While the whole world denounces Egypt’s putschists for laying ludicrous charges of espionage, terrorism and murder against the country’s President, the junta seeks to try his wife with the same charges.
Saturday, December 21,2013 09:40

In a press statement, Osama Morsi, the son of the legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi, said: "The campaigns against President Morsi’s wife are an extension of the lies borne and propagated daily by the junta’s paid media and their priests of evil.

"It is not surprising that those who killed and betrayed their solemn vows lie so blatantly against the innocent."
President Morsi’s son further said that coup authorities and media should desist from telling lies, "They should show respect for the customs and traditions of the Egyptian people, and refrain from involving the legitimate President’s wife in this way, this cheap manner used extensively by the putschists, their security apparatus and their media castrati.

"The President’s wife retains all legal and moral rights to take action against these deceivers and masters of forgery and lying."

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