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Egypt Junta Arrest Beltagy Son to Force Hunger Strike End
Egypt Junta Arrest Beltagy Son to Force Hunger Strike End
Dr. Beltagy’s son, Anas, is arrested by coup forces on the usual trumped up charges, to force his father to end his hunger strike, now in its eleventh day.
Tuesday, December 31,2013 23:13

The fascist putschists’ Police arrested Anas Beltagy, young university student and son of Dr. Mohamed Beltagy – leading member of both the Freedom and Justice Party and the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance – on farcical fabricated charges, including incitement to violence.

The family of Dr. Mohamed Beltagy said this was a new escalation by the Interior Ministry and the military establishment against Dr. Beltagy, who is on the eleventh day of a hunger strike protesting prison conditions and a ban on family visits.

This is yet another act of persecution against Dr. Beltagy’s family in retaliation for his patriotic and revolutionary stances. Earlier, coup forces fatally shot his 17-year old daughter (Asmaa) with a bullet to the chest and another in the back. Then, the public prosecutor refused to open an investigation into that heinous crime. Now, coup authorities hold Dr. Beltagy himself in inhuman conditions in detention, and in solitary confinement, after fabricating a number of charges against him.

Dr. Beltagy’s family pointed that the charges against their son Anas come less than a week after his release from detention when he and his mother (Dr. Mohamed Beltagy’s wife) were on a weekly visit to his father ​​and were attacked and assaulted after they protested the extreme conditions of solitary confinement.

A statement from the family said: "Some hostile newspapers are circulating false claims and utter lies about forces seizing birdshot and a stolen camera from Anas, in order to discredit and demonize the family with outrageous accusations and black propaganda, giving false justification for ongoing personal persecution of Dr. Beltagy and his entire family.

"Anas’ arrest is a crude attempt to blackout news of Dr. Beltagy’s complete hunger strike, in its eleventh day now. This arrest is also meant to break the will of Dr. Beltagy and force him to end the strike."

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