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PRESS RELEASE: Where is President Morsi?
PRESS RELEASE: Where is President Morsi?
The pretence trial of President Morsi, the first democratically elected president of Egypt, was due to begin today on trumped up charges that hold no weight.
Wednesday, January 8,2014 22:18

Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Press Release

The pretence trial of President Morsi, the first democratically elected president of Egypt, was due to begin today on trumped up charges that hold no weight. Allegedly due to bad weather the trial has been postponed to February 1st 2014 and President Morsi was not brought to court from where he is being held at an undisclosed location. Such claims by the Military Junta are risible and can easily be disputed by the weather forecast and the fact that no other flights were cancelled. 

If the Egyptian judiciary had any respect for its own professional integrity and learnt a lesson from its counterparts in Chile, they would not be postponing this sham of a trial and instead, would have thrown this case out of court for the mockery that it is. The allegations are unfounded; President Morsi and others are political prisoners who have been incarcerated to silence their voices calling for freedom and democracy. In effect it is democracy on trial. Only with the overthrow of the coup and release of the prisoners can democracy be returned to Egypt.

It is worrying that President Morsi has not been allowed any visits from families, lawyers or human rights organizations and no-one has seen him for over a month.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds the Military Junta responsible for the safety of President Morsi and other political prisoners and demands their immediate release. We call for an end to these mock trials and demand justice for all Egyptian civilians who are fighting for freedom, social justice and human dignity.

The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office

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Note to Editors: 

The Muslim Brotherhood London Press Office is the UK's representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


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