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Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Coup and Consequent Processes, Actions Void
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Coup and Consequent Processes, Actions Void
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie condemns the putschists' courts and prosecution service as illegitimate tools in the hands of a repressive military junta.
Thursday, February 6,2014 15:16

Dr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood's Chairman and general guide, stressed that the junta's public prosecutor lacks essential neutrality.

Defending himself against farcical trumped up charges, before a coup court judge Tuesday, Dr. Badie said: "The military junta's prosecution service is not neutral. The public prosecutor is illegitimately appointed by the military coup regime.

"Everything built on falsehood is false itself. Those putschists planned all the massacres that have taken place since the coup... what must be investigated is the Rabaa massacre, the crime of the century."

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